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The EDITEC TPM 3000 is a full function lottery terminal that combines the advantages of a powerful and fast solution for handling transactions, required by a high throughput POS, along with the flexibility, low cost and size required for making even the less active sales agents profitable.

The terminal handles on-line, semi-on-line and off-line operation or any combination of these. The TPM 3000 is fast, secure and reliable terminal from a new generation of data processing technology. It supports a full range of on-line games, sport betting as well as the management of sales and validation of instant tickets.

The TPM 3000 is a very user-friendly, menu driven terminal that can manage multiple game applications with a dedicated working field allocated to each of them. The modular design of the terminal and its small footprint, which is the smallest in the industry, make its basic configuration ideal for small POS while its expansion capabilities can follow the development of sales in the various types of POS.

The TPM 3000, utilizing proven ISO-recognized technologies, opens a new area in lottery on-line operations by making the most advanced electronic and computer technologies accessible and affordable to any lottery.

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